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About Me


There once was a girl who could only dream of starting her own jewellery line, having her own slice of creative heaven.  There were persistent vivid ideas about what it could look like, even some attempts, coupled with self doubt and life’s busy ways that can steal away time.

Years passed and a baby arrived, turning that girl’s world upside down for the better.  Now a Mum, that girl started to have persistent thoughts again.  This time it was thoughts of, what type of woman will she show her daughter she is?  How was she going to show her that you really can grab life by the “you know what” and drive it in any direction you wish?  And so inspired by her daughter and using her namesake, that was how AW Boutique was born.

The woman behind Australian owned label AW Boutique is me, Briohny (Bri-Oh-Nee incase you were wondering!) - a jewellery addict who is also a Mum. I have not only brought AW Boutique to life to fulfil my own dreams but also for my muse, my little lady, and this brand's namesake, Ava Willow.  I’ve learnt I need to feed my creative heart and passion for growing my own business, bringing it to life and having you come along that journey with me.

I love jewellery and I know you do too. But what I couldn't find was a jewellery label that had both fine and bold designs that were also long wearing. I wanted something that was longer wearing than gold plated but not as expensive as solid gold. I wanted to mix and layer my pieces without spending a fortune.

For me jewellery is an extension of my vibe, mood, how I’m feeling in that moment.  Some days I want fine dainty pieces, and some days I want edgier bold statement chains.  And for the days when I don't want too much either way, I will balance the whole look by mixing the two.  I don’t like limits with my jewellery and I wanted to bring that energy to my AW Boutique line. 

I have spent months, days, and hours searching high and low for materials that made me feel something.  All that good vibes and energy was then put into creating finished designs that I am now bringing to you.  There will be a piece for you, whatever style you connect with.  And when you find that treasure and put it on, I hope you feel something too. 

And lastly, flick me an email.  Say hi.  Tell me what pieces you love.  Tell me why you connect with them.  Most importantly, tell me what designs you want to see because I will be listening!  Let’s keep inspiring each other….

B x