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Our jewellery is gold filled meaning it has a layer of thick gold, generally 5%.  It is more resistant to tarnish as the layer is thick compared to gold plated jewellery which tends to wear and fade more easily than gold filled.

Gold filled jewellery will still naturally oxidise over time.  However, if cared for correctly gold filled jewellery can last for years.  The oxidisation process will be sped up if our jewellery comes into contact with water, chemicals, cosmetics, or acidic skin types.  Once tarnished this process cannot be reversed therefore it's important to care for your gold filled pieces.  

As metals will naturally oxidise over time, tarnishing is not considered a fault.  Your love and care is required to lengthen that process.  We have provided some helpful tips below to prolong the life of your gold filled treasure - 

  • When handling your jewellery make sure your hands are dry and clean of lotions, hair products, perfume, etc.
  • Every so often gently wipe your piece with a lint free microfibre cleaning cloth to remove any oils, chemicals, build up etc, on the surface of your piece.  Please be aware that some cleaning cloths contain anti tarnishing agents that will damage your piece.  We recommend using the Blue Sunshine Soft Microfibre Cloth which can be purchased here.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery piece when exercising or doing activities that will bring your item into contact with sweat.
  • Remove your jewellery piece when showering, swimming, etc, and when sleeping. This will help to not snag or break your jewellery in your sleep.
  • Apply your makeup, lotions, moisturisers, sunscreens, etc well before putting your jewellery on. Make sure to wash and clean your hands free of these products before handling your jewellery.
  • Do not spray perfume, hairspray, make up setting sprays, etc, directly onto your jewellery piece. These products should be applied prior to putting your jewellery on and done so with hands cleaned free of these products.
  • Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place, like the AW Boutique gift box or microfibre pouch your jewellery was sent in. This will help to keep your piece out of contact with other elements and minimise scratches.  Do not store your pieces in high moisture rooms such as bathrooms.
  • Jewellery can be scratched, chipped, or bent (ie. rings) if it is knocked or comes into contact with hard surfaces, including against other jewellery.  Loss of stones, chipping or breakage due to mishandling is not considered a fault.